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Serena 1

Age 30
Height 5’4″
Hair Brunnette
Breast 34c
Ethnicity Egyptian/Italian
Price £100/Hour
Orientation Straight


Serena is simply delightful, facially she is very pretty and figure wise a brunette princess. Serena is undoubtedly a very beautiful lady but there is a lot more to this beauty than just her good looks and amazing body. Serena has a very attractive personality she is a fun and very happy person with quite a catching laugh too. Aside from this she is warm, caring and very loving too just what you need for that perfect service. Being a very good professional Serana will lead and ensure your booking is very smooth and pursues with great ease and not to forget pleasure! Serena not only looks the part she is the part and takes great pride in her appearance and her choices in lingerie all of which you will love. We are confident that each of you will also find her outstanding. Don’t let this one get away she really is a must see



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Serena 3

Serena 2