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celine 2

Age 25
Height 5’6″
Hair Brunette
Breast 36d
Ethnicity Polish
Price £100/Hour
Orientation Straight


Celine has an insatiable appetite for hot and spicy food and desires the same things out of her evenings with new people. Like many Platinum X Escorts, Celine knows her way around the London and has embraced its strong Latin influence.

She is not afraid to show affection, either, wearing her emotions on her sleeve. She prides herself in being an attentive listener. When celine converses with others, she likes to get close and hold the other person’s gaze with her mysterious and beautiful green eyes.

Celine looks to surround herself with interesting people to create a memorable evening with. Whether the night’s festivities consist of going out on the town or staying in, she is comfortable in both settings. Even though she is 25 years old, Celine does not mind entertaining men and women substantially younger or older than her.

Her curvaceous, soft body draws many stares – from her 36D breasts down to her long slender legs. She always remains open-minded and is a selfless lover. For Platinum X Escorts with spice and passion, the search begins with Celine.



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